Simplest solution for your simple tasks

You don't always need to make difficult work of running management system with administrative panel to have a web site. “Simpliste” is a very simple and easy to use HTML template for web projects where you only need to create one or couple of pages with simple layout. If you are working on a lightweight information page with as less efforts for you to code and as less kilobytes for the user to download as possible, “Simpliste” is what you need.

No CMS required and it's free. Clean code will make your task even easier. HTML5 and CSS3 bring all their features for your future site. This template has skins which you can choose from. No images are used for styling.

Are you worried about convenience of your site users with mobile devices? “Simpliste” responds to the width of user's device and makes information more accessible.

Clean code

HTML5 and CSS3 made live of web developers easier than ever. Welcome to the world where less code and less files required. “Simpliste” has different skins and all of them are created with no images for styling at all.

Template contains CSS-reset based on the reset file from HTML5 boilerplate which makes appearens of “Simpliste” skins consistent in different browsers.

Print styles and styles for mobile devices are already included in the stylesheet.

Responsive markup

You know that now it's time to think more about your users with mobile devices. This template will make your site respond to your client's browser with no effort on your part.

Multi-column layout becomes one column for viewers with tablets, navigation elements become bigger for users with smartphones. And your desktop browser users will see just a normal web site.

Try changing the width of your browser window and you'll see how “Simpliste” works.

Easy to use

“Simpliste” is not a template for a CMS. You can use its code right away after downloading without reading any documentation. Place your content, make customisations and voilà the site is ready to upload to the server.

All content management can be done by using existing sample blocks and styles. Almost every template style is represented among samples on this page. Off course you can create your own styles, which is easy as well.

“Simpliste” in use

Sample content

Principles behind “Simpliste”

  • Really simple
  • Has ready to use set of simple designs
  • It's written using HTML5 and CSS3
  • It responds to mobile devices
  • No CMS
  • Free

How to use?

  1. Choose one skin from the list above
  2. Click download button
  3. Unpack files
  4. Make any customisation you need
  5. Upload your new site to the server

Sample form

Your favorite number

More elements

Use strong tag for information with strong importance. Use em tag to stress emphasis on a word or phrase.

Sample .warning

Sample .success

Sample .message

CSS classes table

Class Description
.col_33 Column with 33% width
.col_50 Column with 50% width
.col_66 Column with 66% width
.col_100 Full width column with proper margins
.clearfix Use after or wrap a block of floated columns
.left Left text alignment
.right Right text alignment
.center Centered text alignment
.img_floatleft Left alignment for images in content
.img_floatright Right alignment for images in content
.img Makes image change its width when browser window width is changed