Front end designer. Designing interfaces for web and mobile, creating graphics and coding for the web since 2006


I’m glad to see you on this page where you’ll learn more about myself and my professional experience.

A simple hello sometimes starts a long lasting relationship and that’s what I’m looking for when working with the clients.

I’m a Designer

My first website was designed in 2006 when I was studying at the university. It contained some red lettered text on black and background music. It was terrible but that’s how my passion for designing digital things was discovered.

I design my own icons, buttons and logos (2010–2011)

And a Front End Developer

I started reading and learning everything I could find about web design and soon found out that a good design is effective when it’s usable. Interfaces became my favourite thing.

But to build interfaces on the web you have to write HTML so I started learning coding for browsers from scratch and soon was working in the office of a local web studio as a web coder, writing HTML and CSS for a variety of international clients.

Designing and coding interfaces is all about details (2011)

Working Remotely

Working on my own was the thing that excited me about freelancing. So I quit the office job and started finding freelance clients, coding, designing and drawing any imaginable things.

Soon I found a good remote job with a web studio near Moscow and worked with them for around 2 years and learned the benefits of a good team work.

My design skills improved a lot when I started working on crowdsource design projects and continued working as a freelancer.

Designing a board game or a recipe system isn't less challenging than creating an interactive interface (2014–2015)

Helping to Build Startups

I was taking an online course on Technology Entrepreneurship when the owner of a young fast food chain invited me to join him in the quest of building an online information system for smart restaurants and I became an in house UI/UX designer for two years.

I’ve helped even more startups after that and always looking for exciting projects to join and share my professional experience.

An example of three initial concepts for a weather app (2015)

Designing for Effectiveness

I have designed simple mobile apps and really complicated information systems and admin panels. I’m designing interfaces and landing pages for healthcare apps, online shops, loyalty systems, advertising networks and much more.

Starting from prototyping and to launching the project in interaction with back end developers.

I’m finding the ways to make designs simpler for understanding and usage at the same time paying attention to the quality of the deliverables for being used by the client.

Interfaces are just a necessary evil (2015–2016)

Let’s Build Things Together

Send an email with a short description of your project. You’ll get a quick response and we’ll be able to start working after agreeing on the details and terms.


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